Their have been rumours circulating about AMD cutting the prices on the line
of Athlon 64 cpus in the near future.
Sicne Intel was lately more or less
forced to give up their plans for a 4.0GHz Prescott-processor we are a bit
uncertain where they are heading for the remainder of 2004.
Intel is starting
to really loose ground on the desktop market performance wise and common sense
tells you that then you have to make your products more appealing to the
A pricecut would be an easy way to do this, but that doesn’t look
very likely considering the information DigiTimes
recently published.

”Although Intel has just cut prices on four of its Pentium M CPU parts,
the company has informed its customers in Taiwan that it will not be lowering
prices for its LGA 775 Pentium 4 lineup of processors before the end of this
year, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers.”

In other words Intel is trying to ride out the storm in some other way,
or they simply ignore it all and hope for the best.
Anyway, it feels like AMD
is about to get a pretty nice advantage on Intel if the rumours about their
pricecut is true.


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