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If you didn’t already know it there is one video game console that is dominating the sales in an almost humiliating way. Many were skeptic as to whether Nintendo would succeed with its considerably slower console Wii. Phrases like ”when the heat of the moment has settled” was very common, but Wii is still going strong and have perhaps won over many of those who doubted it. Shortly after AMD announced that it has shipped more than 50 million graphics chips to Nintendo, Nintendo has revealed that it has shipped more than 50 million consoles.

The console that launched two and a half years ago has turned into the fastest seling console ever, accompanied by the portable console Nintendo DS, which recently broke the 100 million barrier. The success has been accredited to the fact that Nintendo chose to target a broader audience, I.e. more than the hardcore gamers that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 focused on.

The console was code-named Revolution and it has certainly lived up to the name considering the life in the shadows that the precursor GameCube experienced. No one really knows what Nintendo is planning for the future, but is sure fun to think about it.


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