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Nintendo DS Lite is just a new version of an already available game console, Nintendo’s mobile Nintendo DS, but has still been selling incredibly well, despite being overshadowed by Sony PSP. But in Japan there are still many who get aroused just by hearing ”Nintendo” and ”launch” in the same sentence. Yesterday’s launch made thousands of people line up outside Nintendo stores in Tokyo, many got there early in the morning just to get ahead and buy one of the first DS Lite consoles. Not such a bad idea though as the stores sold out in a matter of minutes.

The next shipment of Nintendo DS Lite will arrive on March 11 and then two other colors will arrive as well; Enamel Navy and Ice Blue. Without doubt Nintendo has succeeded with its launch of Nintendo DS Lite and we assume that that Sony can be looking forward to something similar as PSP is about to go through some changes and be launched again.

Source: 1up 


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