Overclocker NickShih has been at it again. His latest adventure with SuperPI 1M and Intel’s new Clarkdale CPU Core i5-670 he was extremely close to breaking 6 seconds, only to be beaten by Hicookie. NickShih rolled up his sleeves and decided to hit SuperPI 32M and break 6 minutes instead, where German Joe_Cool held the record with 6:09.141 with a Xeon X5667 running at 6.2GHz.

The time was beaten by NickShih’s Core i5-670, and the key was a CPU frequency 500MHz higher than the previous record, more precisely 6731MHz. An impressive achievement that resulted in the time 6:07.500.

6:07.500 – The new SuperPI 32M world record

Hicookie is also doing 32M tests, but he hasn’t been as successful, so far. It is probably just a matter of time before we see the two countrymen fight for this world record too.


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