Henry ”ME4ME” de Kruijf has wiped his tears after his record breaking MSI GeForce GTX 480 Lightning gave up on him way too soon and has instead turned his attention to a fresh A0-stepped Core i7 980X CPU. Last night Henry focused entirely on processor overclocking live at NordicHardware.

NHOC has continued to climb the ladders at Hwbot over the last couple of weeks. With Mattias ”gbglassen” Awes on a boat in Norway and Jonas ”Mean Machine” Klar parading around Los Angeles hunting for new graphics cards Henry has some big shoes to fill now that he supplied last night’s entertainment focusing on 2D benchmarks.

The used the following components;

  • ASUS Ramapge III Extreme
  • Core i7 980X
  • MSI GeForce GTX 275 Lightning
  • Corsair Dominator GT 1866C7
  • Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W
  • Cooling: Liquid nitrogen

He attampted to attack various 2D benchmarks at Hwbot. The processor was known to go into 6 GHz territory and the live broadcast can be seen below. We’re still waiting for Henry to summarize last evening’s session and will return with more information later on.


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