To simplify: NH is short for NordichHardware and DH is short for DreamHack, the world’s largest LAN.

”The level of verification applied to this event was complete and without
a doubt, where as earlier LANs were not scrutinized on this professional level.
So essentially this is a record that the future generations can trust as being
valid and true and it will be the standard that future LANs will be compared
 – Walter Day of Twin Galaxies

NordicHardware is a web sponsor and runs the hardware support at DreamHack,
meaning we try to diagnose and if possible fix any hardware related problems.

We also demo a few products such as Asetek’s new Vapochill XE
. We installed an AMD Athlon FX-55, a pair of 512MB Corsair XMS
on an ASUS A8N-SLI board. Unfortunately ASUS wasn’t able to supply us with the
necessary cards to run SLI, basically two 6600GT, thus we had to use an
X600 Pro instead. No 3DMarks or any other tests was done, we only overclocked it
as things went far from smooth installing it.
We were able to run the CPU
stable at 3165MHz (15x211MHz). A 565 Mhz overclock which isn’t all
that impressive, but this mainly due to the fact that we had very
poor manuals and the ChillControl software refused to install on the

A gallery can be found here

Short translation: onsdag = wednesday, torsdag = thursday, fredag = friday,
lördag = saturday.

Our official site can be found here (in


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