Finally the nForce 3 250GB arrives, and as one of the first sites FiringSquad has had the honour of reviewing this goldnugget. nForce 3 250/250GB and nForce 3 150 are ”pin-to-pin-compatible” with eachother, which means that the mainboardmanucturers only have to exchange their nForce 3 150-chip with 250 or 250GB. Another positive thing is that nVidia finally made it possible to lock the AGP-frequency.
It is with great remorse that I have to report that SoundStorm hasn’t made it back with the new nForce3-chips. But don’t worry nVidia will have to update nForce 3 atleast one more time, and this to add PCI-Express support. Who knows, maybe SoundStorm will make it back when that happends.
FiringSquad concludes their review with the following words:

”In the meantime nForce3 250 offers an excellent feature set and solid performance. If you were tempted by nForce3 150, you’ll love nForce3 250. And if the audio is a concern, Chaintech’s board offers VIA’s well regarded Envy24 7.1 audio. How’s that for irony!”

The review can be found here.


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