NVIDIA’s recently launched NF3 250-chipset is the first Athlon 64-chipset where everybody is talking about a working APG/PCI-lock. But there are mainboards which has made this function work with older chipsets and one of these has wound up in Anandtech’s hands.

It’s the AOpen AK89 Max and via a recently updated BIOS AOpen has promised among others a working AGP/PCI-lock. In a relatively plain review the overclocking-tests sticks out as something out of the ordinary.

Without any special coolingsolutions or physical modifications of the mainboard they manage to increase the processorbus to unreal 347 MHz. Since the stockfrequency 200 MHz this has to be looked at a quite impressive overclock for the limited amount of work. All that they needed was some thirdparty software to lower the multiplier and increase the busfrequency above the BIOS’ maximum value of 250 MHz.

If this is something we should expect from the new wave of Athlon 64-mainbaords with a working AGP/PCI-lock the future looks undoubtedly very promising!

Read the entire review at Anandtech.com.

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