NVIDIA is said to be working on a new graphics circuit to counter AMD’s coming Radeon HD 6900 series and we revealed earlier it is rumored to be called GeForce GTX 580. These are still rumors, but from loose indications on the performance new informaion suggests a launch in December.

GeForce GTX 580 will be based on a new GF110 GPU with 512 CUDA cores, what GF100 should have been. Earlier rumors has said that the internal structure has been changed with a lot more texture units and ROPs.

It all sounds almost too good to be ture, but while NVIDIA refuses to comment on rumors they continue to spread and now DigiTimes has publisjed information on GeForce GTX 580 that has aroused our interest.

The Asian news site refers to sources at graphics card makers that GeForce GTX 580 will be 20% faster than GeForce GTX 480, and that the launch is set for late November, or early december 2010. About the same time as AMD is expected to launch Radeon HD 6900, based on the Cayman circuit.

It speaks of three circuits called GF112, GF114 and GF119 to replace GF104/106/108, but these are not to be launched anytime soon.

If the information is correct it seems like NVIDIA, just like AMD, is doing a refresh of the assortment with current 40nm technology. Considerably earlier than expected. our own sources only wanted to say that these are some exciting times we live in, but was reluctant to release any more information at this point.


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