That Intel will roll out a whole set of new processors in Q2 is anything but a secret. At the top of the list we have the all new 32nm hexa-core Gulftown CPU, a.k.a. Core i7 980X, but there is more. Intel have several new models on the way, not just of the 32nm node but it is planning a new Lynnfield model from the 45nm era.

Intel Core i7-880 is the name of the model that will become the new flagship of the Lynnfield series, clocked at 3.06GHz. Remaining specifications include four cores, HyperThreading and 95W TDP.

Intel will also present two new Core i5 models spawned from the 32nm Westmere architecture, also known as Clarkdale. These include a new top model as well, clocked at 3.6GHz called Core i5-680, and a new model of the 500 series, Core i5-550 operating at 3.2GHz.

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Intel looks to fill any potential gaps in its assortment to make it even harder for AMD to stand up. What AMD will do to counter these new CPUs remains to be seen, the pricing of the powerful Phenom II X6 series will be of the utmost importance.


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