With a growing amount of Internet users worldwide the need for high-end international fiber links grows. The joint project SJC has been completed and resulted in a cable system that can handle 28 Terabit per second between seven Asian regions.

With the fast growing economy and tech availability in, among other, China comes an ever increasing use of the Internet. The fast development has increased the need for a robust and high performance connection in the region, and SJC is intended to remedy this.

SJC is short for Southeast Asia-Japan Cable and is a joint venture between a series of local and international companies and organizations, including China Telecom, KDDI Corporation, Globe Telecom and Google. The system links Japan with China, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines and a possible link to Thailand. NEC Corporation together with TE Subcom supplies the system with its 8,900 Km fiber in six pairs that can handle up to 28 Terabit per second.

So far the project has cost circa 400 million dollar and can be extended further to a total length of 9,700 Kilometer, almost a quarter of the world’s perimeter.

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