The Internet is heading for a new milestone according to IMS Research. By the end of August it estimates there will be more than 5 billion Internet-connecteddevices worldwide, almost one per person alive.

According to a new reports a new wave of connected devices have accelerated the growth and more and more product segments are getting network functions to access online features. Not surprisingly mobile phones have played a big role in the recent boost and in a very short time the number of connected mobile phones have surpassed the number of computers.

IMS Research predicts that in 10 years we will have 22 billion Internet connected devices worldwide, which is hard to doubt considering recent developments. The key will be home electronics where everything from your TV to your toaster will be able to access the web, but also cars and security systems.

“There will be a number of drivers behind this amazing growth. Firstly, by 2020 we are forecasting that there will be over 6 billion cell phones in use around the world, the great majority of which will be Internet connected. Then consider that there are around 2.5 billion TVs in use today, and that many of these will be replaced with Internet connected sets, you have another tremendous growth area. In addition, an increasing proportion of the world’s 1.1 billion cars will be replaced by models that have Internet connectivity.”

BMW is one of several car makers that already have Internet solutions in production

Even if 5 billion is an impressive number there are very many that doesn’t have Internet access, but we assume most of our readers have several devices capable of going online.

eln ska bland annat vara hemelektronik som TV-apparater men även bilar och säkerhetssystem

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