NEC MDView271 is a widescreen monitor targetting beusinesses and specifically medical companies where the 10-bit P-IPS panel will be perfect for monitoring x-ray and ultrasonic imaging thanks to 2560 x 1440 pixels in 16:9 screen ratio.

NEC has, beside the 10-bit panel, increase the color range through three 14-bit color tables that can be programmed individually for each RGB signal to calibrate the monitor against the DICOM Part 14 GSDF standard, which is crucial i med-care.

In addition, NEC Digital Uniformity Control ensures maximum uniform colour reproduction while NEC Backlight Ageing Correction ensures that image quality remains stable over the long term. The GammaComp MD QA client software that comes with the monitor and an optional photometer make it easy to perform regular individual DICOM calibrations and conformance tests.

NEC MDView271 also has egonomical advantages, the monitor can be heightened up to 15cm or be piveted from landscape to portrait. NEC’s idea is that the new monitor will be an alternative to two-monitor solutions, which is made pretty clear by the picture-in-picture function.

NEC starts shipping the monitor today. It is covered by a three year warranty, but we don’t dare ask about the price tag.



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