Skaparna av världens mest älskade och hatade benchmark, Futuremark, skickade
lite ny information till oss idag om nästa version av 3DMark. De var knappast
långrandiga så vi citerar hela meddelandet här:

”I don’t think this first bit of info will come as a big
surprise to most of you, but the Next 3DMark will require a fully DirectX 9
compliant graphics card capable of at least PixelShader 2.0. Though 3DMark03
already introduced DX9 shaders, and used them to a certain extent, the Next
3DMark will take the use of shaders to a totally new level.

The second bit of info is that the Next 3DMark will use a
new 3D-engine which dynamically builds HLSL shaders. The HLSL shaders are
dynamically built and runtime compiled using the most optimal compilation target
for the installed hardware. Of course, all compilations produce the same
rendering. This is an engine structure that future games will be using. Dynamic
shader generation is an efficient way to build large 3D worlds with a wide
variety of different materials. Runtime compilation, to a target selected for
the installed hardware, is a generic technique to produce the most optimal
shaders for all hardware.”


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