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Muskhin har nu följt i de flesta minnestillverkarnas fotspår, man har lanserat sin första Solid State Drive-serie. Mushkin Europe heter serien som inte fått sitt namn efter vår världsdel utan faktiskt från en kvinna ur den grekiska mytologin som blev bortrövad av gudarnas konung Zeus. Mushkin hoppas att konsumenter ska bli lika tagna av Europa som Zeus blev och man lockar med bland annat 3 års garanti och en exklusiv aluminiumförpackning. Med storlekar på upp till 256GB har Mushkin Europa överföringshastigheter på 150MB/s (läs) resp. 90MB/s (skriv) och allt i en stilren aluminiumförpackning.

Läs hela Mushkins pressmeddelande;

Mushkin releases its first SSD series called Europe

Mushkin Enhanced, one of the leading manufacturers for High Performance Computer announces the availability of his first SSD-series called “Europe”. The capacities are 32, 64, 128, 192 and 256GB in a noble aluminium housing  and captivating with aggressive pricing.

“Once, Zeus felt in love with the beautiful Europe, now, every speed enthusiast can do the same.” smiles Steffen Eisenstein, CEO of Mushkin Logistic GmbH and looks on the aluminium dressed SSDs. But like always for Mushkin, the inside value is one of the finest: With 150MB/s read and 90MB/s there is a convenient working guaranteed, no stuttering in games for loading, no vibration in your case and no annoying clicking for reading and writing. Due to the integrated Mini-USB 2.0 connector, you can also use the new SSD as an external storage without additional power supply.

Unique and only at Mushkin, the SSDs will be delivered in an exclusive aluminium packing and protected with a 3 year warranty. The customer can fall in love without hesitation!

Technical specs:
Series: Europa
Format: 2.5”
Interface: S-ATA II + USB 2.0 mini
NAND-type: MLC
Capacity: 32  / 64 / 128 / 192 / 256 GB
Read: 150 MB/s
Write: 90 MB/s
Consumptio: ~ 0.5 Watt
Housing: Aluminium
Availability: out now


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