Qualcomm and Sesame Street was surprisingly one of the highlights of this year’s CES. Qualcomm has taken its Augmented Reality technology to a new level, where it together with the wellknown Sesame Street created a living and interactive world for our toys.

Augmented Reality is just what it sounds like, reality with personally added tweaks. Through computer generated effects you can heighten the function and interfaction of ordinary objects. In the hands of Qualcomm and Sesame Street the technology has found one of its perhaps most grateful client groups; children.

Sesame Street has been entertaining and educating children for decades through the TV show with the same name. The puppet theater was a huge success and its concept has been copied extensively throughout the world.


Together with Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality technology and Snapdragon S4 platform Sesam Street could present a new generation of its puppet show where regular plastic toys came to life and not only moved but also interacted with the user.

Even to some of us who has perhaps reached an age where puppets no longer have the same appeal the presentation left us amazed. That kids can see its favorite characters come to life and askk you questions is a pretty cool experience. Sesame Street representatives confirm that studies among kids have been successful.

Augmented Reality is starting to find its place on the market and we really look forward to more of this technology. At the same time an augmented reality is exciting it might be time to take care of our actual reality, but this is a subject we will leave until the technology really break through. Sesame Street hopes to launch the first figurines and the AR platform for Christmas 2012.

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