MSI have started shipping its in-house designed versions of AMD’s Radeon HD 5000 series. While waiting of the flagship HD 5870 Lightning we have MSI R5770 HAWK to fill the void. It sports a more powerful heatsink on top of a redesigned circuit board with high-quality capacity, 7+1 phase power supply and higher clock frequencies from factory.

HAWK operate with 875MHz GPU clock frequency, which is just 25MHz above stock clock but using software controlled voltage settings and the cards sturdy construction it looks like 1GHz core clock is within reach for the masses. Something that was clearly demonstrated by Guru3D in its review of the card where it reached 1050MHz GPU and 5660MHz effective memory clock frequency.


We look forward to tampering with the clock frequencies ourselves and using some more exotic cooling we hope to make this baby really fly.

Until  then you can find more information on the card in Guru3D’s review.


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