Facts are leaking left and right before the launch of Ivy Bridge, especially since even manufacturers are eager to show results with their new motherboards. We can now show Intel’s coming Ivy Bridge processor overclocked to over 7 GHz with liquid nitrogen.

Those who enjoy overclocking of the more exotic kind may want to look closer at what Intel will release later this month. Using a MSI Z77A-GD65 it managed to push an Intel Core i7-3770K to 6951.4 MHz on all cores using liquid nitrogen. To reach this frequency it used a relatively high BCLK at 112.12 MHz and x62 multiplier. Since Intel Ivy Bridge is still not launched, we assume that CPU-Z lacks proper support for the processor and shows the wrong voltage, since 1.281 V is simply way too good to be true.


With only one active core it managed to push the frequency above 7 GHz. The BCLK frequency was lowered to 111.23 MHz and the multiplier moved up to x63. The final frequency was 7007.2 MHz.


We eagerly await the launch of Ivy Bridge, but it at least looks like overclocking with exotic cooling will be a whole other story than it is with Sandy Bridge, which disappointed many elite overclockers when it arrived. If we are to trust yesterday’s rumor it will be April 23rd when Intel’s third generation Core i processors and Ivy Bridge arrives.


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