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MSI has announced a new kind of overclocked card. MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo namely comes with two BIOSes, one with the regular shader clocks and one with the overclocked shaders. MSI says that will result in better performance with little increase in temperature. Unfortunately it doesn’t say by how much the shaders are overclocked so it hard to say how much there is to gain, but luckily MSI has made the switching between BIOSes a simple feature, you simply press a button seated on the bracket. The button can be a bit hard to reach depending on what your case looks like, or where you’ve placed it, but we do like the idea of two BIOSes, one regular and one overclocked.

Users will of course be able to tweak and improve the clocks of both memory, GPU and shaders if they want, and in worst case scenario still have a safe BIOS to spare.

The frequencies of the two BIOSes are as follows:

Core clock: 540/580MHz
Shader clock: 1450/1508MHz
Memory clock: 1400/1600MHz


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