Microstar International (MSI) is one the PC-market’s biggest component manufacturer and has for a long time been very good partners NVIDIA.
It seems like MSI has bent for ATi’s latest successes on the graphics card market. It has namely began to show up ATI-based MSI-graphics cards in stores and the really interesting thing is that MSI manufacture them themselves and not based on ATI’s reference design.
MSI also often manufacture cards for other minor manufacturers beyond the the one used for their own products.
The ATI-cards that has shown up with MSI’s brand are all Radeon-based, RADEON 9200 SE, RADEON 9600 SE and RADEON 9800 PRO.
MSI has used both own circuit boards and cooling solutions on their cards which has been very unusual for ATI’s Radeoncards. Although the design of the boards aren’t exactly sensational. But we see that as a good sign that MSI has taken the time to develop its own design.
You can find pictures of three cards over at the polish site PCLab.pl but below you can find a taste of the top model, MSI RX9800 PRO Plus-TD128 SP.


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