We reported not to long ago about MSI’s sequal to their unique MEGA PC barebone. Back then there were few and unclear specifications that were presented to us but now it seems that the people over at TBreak has retrieved som very interesting information regarding the new SFF-barebone.
Except the specifcations we told about in our ealier reports we can here see that the MEGA PC really aims for being a Media PC of great meassures. The unit will be able to act as a harddrive-vcr, karaoke etc.
Other stuff that are integrated: Radio-tuner, a graphical interface like the one in Media Center, dolby digital-support, integrated modem and double integrated grahics-circuits.
The last mentioned we still don’t know how they solved since the 865G-chipset, as they are going to use according to the first specifications, only has support for one graphics-circuit. If they have integrated another graphics-curcuit or just planted another VGA-port remains to see.

More information on the MSI MEGA PC can be found on Tbreaks homepage.


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