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AMD 4×4 is a platform followed by speculations. The small amount of facts AMD has released to the public has practically just increased the amount of rumors. TG Daily has now been able to obtain a roadmap where we find some new information. 4×4 will arrive as planned later in November based on socket 1207 and the FX processors will be based on AMD’s 90nm Windsor core. This will result in 2MB L2 cache and a TDP at 125W per processor, which will be available at 2.8GHz, 3.0GHz and 3.2GHz. This will result in a TDP which is actually twice that of a Core 2 Extreme QX6700 ’Kentsfield’.

The roadmap also reveals that the current FX-60 and FX-62 processors will be phased out to make room for FX-72, FX-74 and FX-76. In other words, you will have to go for 4×4 to be able to use any form of enthusiast processor from AMD.

We also find out that the Quad-core version is still planned for launch during the third quarter next year and will be made with a 65nm process and run at about 2.7-2.9GHz with a 2MB L2 cache (divided into 4 parts) and a 2MB L3 cache (shared). Although, the roadmap does say that these will use a platform called 1207+, which raises questions about the compatibility.

Except from 4×4 there is some information about other new processors in the form of 6000+, 5600+ and 5400+, which will be placed above today’s segment, while the old processors will be replaced by new 65nm versions. From what it seems this will happen already at the end of this year through the 65nm Brisbane core in the form of 5000+, 4800+, 4400+ and 4000+ and will continue during next year.

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