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According to reports published by Symantec and McAfee we know for sure what domains are safe and which are not, but also that the number of dangers on the web are increasing more and more. The Nordic countries are together with Ireland the safest and it turns out that such large countries as Romania (5,6 %) and Russia (4,5%) have a large portion of pages with dangerous code, but the island of Tokelau (.tk) is truly grand with over 10% of the pages containing dangerous code, according to McAfee.

However, these sites are not visited as frequently as the ones found in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Japan, which results in a large portion of evil coming from these few countries. The reason for this is simple; cheap registrations of domains and poor or no surveillance of the sites. This is also the reason for the popularity of the .biz domain among spammers as this one becomes available right after registration.

When you look at Symantec’s report it turns out that the Internet is becoming more and more dangerous. During the latter half of 2006 8,258 new viruses was created, which means that there were 45 new viruses per day. A total of 166 248 unique phishing messages were sent, up by 6%.

78% of all malicious code was spread via e-mail and 59% of all surveyed mail traffic was pure spam. 66% of all malicious code was designed to fetch confidential information. USA was the country that spread the most evil on the web, with Sweden on not so meriting third place (seen to the number of evils per Internet user).


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