Small preview imageMobiBlu DAH-1900 is the latest creation from MP3 player manufacturer MobiBlu, which early last year proudly presented the world’s smallest MP3 player. DAH-1900 has no intension of replacing that player, but instead MobiBlu has now focused on being the best at something else, namely battery time. MobiBlu DAH-1900 sports an incredible time up to 153h with a single charge. The new player is hardly crammed with features, but has despite that a nice OLED display and the basic functions most people want.

”Also packed into the miniature case is an FM tuner and FM recorder backed by a timer function and alarm clock which can wake you up with radio or MP3 playback, along with a built-in microphone that acts as a voice recorder and a Direct Encoding function to record from external sound sources.”

The player will be available as black or white and with 1GB or 2GB of storage. The price for the 2GB version of DAH-1900 will be about £156 ($279). Perhaps not the cheapest player on the market, but on the other hand you don’t have to recharge it every other day.

Source: Techdigest


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