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It was Steve Ballmer who got the chance to show a new Internet tablet during Microsoft’s CES Keynote, but it was none of those we had heard rumors of. As expected it was HP that makes the unit and the name is HP Slate. In short it’s a Windows 7-based tablet controlled through the large touch screen. With Windows 7 under the panel it comes as no surprise that we have multi-touch, which is a must with no physical keyboard.

Microsoft revealed no real specifications of HP Slate and judging from the pictures it looks like a 10″ display, the same size Apple is rumored to use with its coming tablet.

Without any real details on HP Slate, more than that it will launch later this year, we can only consider Microsoft’s announcement a slap in the face of Apple. Apple has been rumored to announce a tablet soon, but we will return with more information on this within the near future.


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