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Microsoft Origami has already been declared as a part of Intel’s UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) concept and Microsoft part of all this is, of course, the operating system: Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS, an OS where good touch sensitivity is an important part. You are suppose to be able to control a UMPC completely without buttons but only by using a special pen or just your fingers. Microsoft has therefore developed the operating system further to work as well as possible with touch sensitivity. Microsoft has now published its very own UMPC site where they not only share information about the software but also the hardware demands for the UMPC concept, covering e.g. the size of the display. The most central part of the Ultra Mobile PC concept.

Hardware specifications:

  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS

  • Display at about 7″

  • A resolution at at least 800 x 480px

  • Weighing at about 1 kg

  • Integrated touch panel

  • WiFi and Bluetooth support

    Those are the hardware demands for Intel and Microsoft’s UMPC concept and among others ASUS and Samsung has already displayed the first units that you can see at Microsoft through its 3D view over the units.

    :: Read on about UMPC at Microsoft

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