Windows 7 has been a big and important success for Microsoft that after the disappointment of Windows Vista needed to get a good thing going. The sales of the new and praised operating system started well and after a year has passed Windows 7 is still going strong.

Microsoft announces that it has sold no less than 240 million Windows 7 licenses during the first year the operating system was on the market. Not surprisingly this is a record for Microsoft that has never sold as many licenses during the first year.

Even though it launched during the recession in 2009 it doesn’t look like this has affected sales in any way, which is perhaps the most astonishing about the whole story. A period where the PC market stood still, but Windows 7 still cruised.

From the day it launched, Windows 7 began a steady climb, popping up on PCs around the world. In less than a year, Windows 7 gained more than 17 percent of the global operating system share worldwide.

Microsoft claims that Windows 7 can be found on 1.2 billion computers worldwide,  a number it hopes to increase next year.


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