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Even if Nordic overclockers have been well represented among the top overclockers for many years in the raw performance categories, they are not as commonly found in the pure frequency overclock categories. Considering pure frequency or bus overclocking it is often the Asian overclockers that take the lead, but for once we see a slight change in direction. Swedish overclocker ME4ME, participating in GOOC has managed to equal the world record in processor bus overclocking, by reaching 715.13MHz.

This is the exact same bus frequency earlier achieved by overclocker Fpat, which means that the two are now sharing the top spot as the world’s leading bus overclockers.

The record was achieved by pushing an Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 processor to 4290MHz with x6 multiplier. The motherboard, which is often the most important part of if all, was a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P where ME4ME had to remove one DDR2 module to be able to get the very last drop from the bus.

– Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
– Intel E8600
– 2gb Crucial Ballistix PC8500
– PC Power & Cooling 750W
– CPU @ between -100 and -120
– Northbridge @ between -130 and -150

Both processor and northbridge was cooled to below -100°C with liquid nitrogen and ME4ME also did some SuperPi 4M tests, where he was not able to go higher than 630MHz bus frequency. The stability of the Gigabyte may not be the best, but the maximal overclocking potential has little competition right now. A great achievement by ME4ME and we wish him good luck in the rest of the competition.


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