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After numerous reports about burning batteries it comes as no surprise that both manufacturers and consumers are looking for something more reliable to power the computers. Sony has taken a PR-hit like Titanic did and lost millions because of its defective batteries and the following recall, Matsushita has no intention of following in Sony’s footsteps. It has instead chosen to develop a laptop battery which is suppose to be extra heatproof. The battery hit mass production back in April, but Matsushita has now announced that it will increase the production volume from 100,000 units per month to 5 million.

”Matsushita Battery Industrial , a subsidiary of Matsushita, said that it has improved the safety of its lithium ion batteries by adding a heat resistance layer of insulating metal oxide on the surface of the electrodes.”

A great time to launch a heatproof battery, but the question is if not just a properly made battery would’ve been enough? But then again as the saying goes, better safe then sorry.


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