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Smartphones and smaller computers in the form of smartbooks and netbooks are using ARM processors to a great extent. The perhaps most famous is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon CPU, but also NVIDIA’s Tegra series uses the ARM architecture. Marvell is another one who hopes to find a segment for its series of ARMADA processors. The latter has raised the bar by claiming the first quad-core ARM processor.

Marvell’s quad-core CPU will use the same base architecture as the ARMADA 500 and 600 series. It is pretty amazing that Marvell has developed a quad-core model operating at 1GHz with the goal set for retail and gaming.

Exactly what this means is a bit uncertain, but we dare to say that a quad-core CPU is overkill for a mobile phone, but other larger handheld devices or smartbooks could be close at hand.

There were no details on when Marvell will launch the new CPU and the market may very well have changed by then.


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