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The two Finnish overclockers Macci and Sampsa are pretty well known when it comes to the overclocking scene, and both have strong connections to ATI, something we could see already during the launch of ATI’s R520. Macci has as we have earlier reported helped ATI during the development of the RD580 chipset and it is no surprise that Macci has managed to learn the platform pretty well. During the RD580 launch in Sevilla, Spain, Macci and Sampsa did an attempt to break the world record with 3Dmark05 with ATI’s new platform. They managed to reach 19581 points and set a new world record and at the same time our own overclocking guru Kinc was home in Sweden and tweaked his RD580 system. His final score was, before another video card manufacturer needed his attention, 19573 points. A, the least, to say ridiculous margin of 8 points.

At TechPowerUp they’ve published an article where they have followed Macci and Sampsa during the RD580 launch. We get to follow them through the preparations to the final result, which won’t last for long though.

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