LucidLogix Technologies continues to evovle the discrete graphics card market in its own way by developing the Hydralogix platform. The company has now presented UNITY, a technology that makes it possible to integrate the bridge chip directly on the card.

Hydralogix makes it possible to pair up graphics cards of different models and even different architectures. The chip developed by Lucid is called HydraLogix 200 and acts like a middlehand between the graphics cards.


Earlier the bridge chip had to be integrated onto the motherboard, which limiited the platform quite severely. With UNITY Lucid hopes to open new doors by moving the bridge chip onto the graphics cards. A graphics card, no matter GPU, equipped with a UNITY bridge chip can be connected to any other card on the market, support by Lucid’s software.

“Graphics board vendors can increase the total market for multi-­‐GPU computing from the low end to the high end. And as a consumer, why wouldn’t you choose to buy a graphics card with HYDRALOGIX on board? You only get more!”

Lucid UNITY has already been demonstrated with retail products, PowerColor presented a Radeon HD 5770 graphics card during Computex with an integrated HydraLogix 200 bridge chip.

The Lucid UNITY architecture is available today and the first cards are expected to reach stores by Christmas.


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