Small preview imageLonghorn is as the sequel to Windows XP suppose to bring a lot of improvements in pretty much every aspect you can think of. Considering the quite long development this doesn’t seem like an unreasonable demand to many. We have for a long time known that Longhorn will be both faster, more stable and more secure than Windows XP. We have never seen or heard any more specific information than just that. Now it seems though that Microsoft has given at least one hint of what they mean by faster.

Among others the boot of the computer will go 50 percent faster with Longhorn compared to Windows XP. But also starting up software with Longhorn will go faster according to Microsoft. Below you can find a list of specific improvements Microsoft are counting on with Longhorn.

  • launch applications 15 percent faster than Windows XP does

  • boot PCs 50 percent faster than they boot currently and will allow PCs to resume from standby in two seconds

  • allow users to patch systems with 50 percent fewer reboots required

  • reduce the number of system images required by 50 percent

  • enable companies to migrate users 75 percent faster than they can with existing versions of Windows.

  • It is still uncertain how Microsoft will manage to speed up the operating system but many optimizations are to be expected with Longhorn Beta 1 that will arrive in August this fall, I.e. next month. We are of course very glad MS is trying to develop an even faster operating system, but right now we would like them to speed up the development.

    Source: Microsoft Watch


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