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Logitech has now launched two new mice for PC and Mac that it calls not just revolutionizing, but has also decided to call the products just that: Logitech MX Revolution cordless and Logitech VX Revolution cordless, which are both cordless mice that use Logitech’s latest laser optics. But that’s not the only thing that makes them revolutionizing. Logitech namely claims that it has reinvented the scroll through its MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel. The new scroll it has introduced with these mice will offer new possibilities for those who often work with large documents or just overall eager scrollers.

Logitech’s new mice use alloy wheels that have two unique functions where one let’s the user scroll through thousands of rows in a few seconds. This is possible because the wheel can rotate completely free for seven seconds and thus get you through 10 000 pages in an Excel document. Using a regular mouse scroll it would take about 7 minutes and 500 scrolls to do the same. When navigating normally it has developed a click-to-click scroll function.

”The new wheel also offers an improved click-to-click scrolling option that results in familiar tactile feedback for each small unit of distance scrolled, allowing people to precisely navigate lists, slides and individual images.”

Except from the mouse wheels unique functions and construction it has integrated a quick search function that simply marks a word in a text, you push the search button below the mouse wheel and an Internet search of this word starts immediately. With a new and ergonomic design and these functions Logitech hopes to attract new customers and we are truly looking forward to hearing more about these new mice and their revolutionizing scroll.

Logitech MX Revolution Cordless is the flagship and comes at a price of $99.99 and also has a second scroll at the thumb that i dedicated to the mouse’ zoom function. The VX model is a bit smaller and a bit more portable and will cost $79.99. You can find more information about the mice at Logitech.


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