Logitech is without a doubt a giant among peripheral manufacturers and its mice have been living on our desks for soon three decades. The Swiss company has now announced that it has reached a new milestone. Logitech has shipped more than 100 million wireless mice.

Logitech reached 1 billion sold mice in 2008, but now 19 years after launching the first wireless mouse it has shipped no less than 100 million cordless mice.

While Logitech’s first wireless mouse had an MSRP of $150, the company now offers wireless mice with 2.4 GHz technology in the tiny leave-in nano-receiver, for as little as $24.99. This sharp reduction in price combined with Logitech’s advancements in wireless innovation make our wireless mice a compelling purchase for computer users around the world.

Logitech continues to bet on its wireless technology and today has nano transmitters in extremely small formats that can be used by up to six devices at the same time. Logitech was the first to launch a mouse with radio technology in 1991 and it is now aiming for the next goal, which can only assume is 1 billion sold cordless mice.



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