While most of us enjoy the summer heat courageous overclockers Mean Machine, elmor and Ryba are doing some overclocking. During the night they scored 43 899 points in 3DMark06, but are aiming higher today.

Already they have started climbing the rankings. During the first hour they managed to score 44 855 points in 3DMark06, the 7the best result in the world. They did this a hexa-core Intel Core i7 980X CPU overclocked to impressive 6.37 GHz.

The goal and hopes are set higher and how it fans out can be seen in the live broadcast below.

More information and pictures from the overclocking can be found here.

The goal is for Ryba to qualify to the world final of MSI Master Overclocking Arena through Futuremark’s online competition Lords of Overclocking. The rules are that you have to use a MSI motherboard and the benchmark is 3DMark 06. The hardware will be used in this evening’s live overclocking are as follows.

  • MSI Big Bang XPower
  • Intel Core i7-980X
  • 3x2GB Corsair GTX2
  • 3x XFX HD 5870 2GB Eyefinity-6 Edition
  • Enermax Revolution 1050W

Follow the live overclocking for Lords of Overclocking below


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