Som några av er kanske vet så är Serious Sam 2 på väg och det är på väg till oss i en ruskig hastighet, vi kanske kan få se spelet i butikerna redan i år. ”Computer & Videogames” har postat en liten artikel om spektaklet som är SS2. Här följer ett litet utdrag:

We were reading that you were intending to build a skeletal animation system into the Serious Engine. Have you in fact done this and if so what impact has it had on the number of enemies that can appear on the screen at any one time?

Admir: We are finishing SKA implementation. With the experience we got from Serious Sam : The First Encounter, we’ve designed a scalable and open SKA system that is pretty flexible and powerful. Our level of detail algorithm will take care of optimisations and any possible frame-rate problems. When we designed it, we explored many solutions to match the needs of every developer that will use the Serious Engine, not just us for Serious Sam. Once SKA is released you’ll see how powerful it is.


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