Intelgamer har gjort en liten rolig förhandstitt på ”Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix”. Nu ska ju inte ni få någon länk dit eftersom ni ska hålla er till våra förhandstittar men det intressanta var vad de skrev om vapnen i spelet.
Så här skrev de med exakta ord om vad vi har att förvänta oss av arsenalen i SoF2:

All the weapons used in Soldier of Fortune II are actually based on ones that would be used to get that exact mission done. For example, if your mission requires the use of stealth to make a quiet entrance, a silenced machine gun and sniper rifle will at your hands from the start and till the end. You can pick up weapons and gear that you normally won’t see because depending on which particular region of the globe you are stationed, all your enemies will be carrying weapons that are available in that region. For the sake of the games realism, all the weapons are based on real military weaponry and equipment. Out of the 14 weapons you’ll take aim with, here are they’ll include an AK-47, M4A1 with attached grenade launcher, US SOCOM pistol, among many others as well as 10 different grenade types.


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