q09-19Lian Li PC-Q09 is the latest of small aluminum cases from the Taiwanese case maker Lian Li. Supporting only mini-ITX motherboards the case measures 265x110x200mm and comes ready for installation behind your monitor.

Lian Li ships the nmini-Q case in two versions, PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F. The first uses an external 110 watt AC-adapter, while the F models gets a larger 150 watts flex-ATX power supply, which also makes it a bit bigger; 265x124x200mm.

As usual the cases are available in four different colors; black, silver, red or white. Under the polished exterior there is room for a slim optical drive, a single 2.5″ drive and a 80mm fan for cooling. The front panel has USB 3.0 ports and audio connectors.


The case is relatively small, but we have to admit that Lian Li’s VESA mounting kit feels a strained. The small and convenient aluminum cases are not intended to be hidden. The only respectable reason for mounting in behind your monitor would be because of a serious lack of space on the desk.




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