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Motherboards for overclockers and enthusiasts are usually full-size ATX, but over the last few years things have changed. We have seen several micro-ATX motherboards with impressive specifications and overclocking potential to match. DFI has taken this one step further by focusing on overclocking with a minimalistic mini-ITX board. As reported in the past the board is called LANParty MI P55-T36 and measures 17cm x 17cm. This space is occupied by an Intel P55 chipset, two DDR3 RAM slots and one PCIe x16 slot.

There is more though, sweet functions and features. Among others digital PWM power supply, Power eSATA port and Creative X-Fi sound processor.

Always dedicating to innovation in products and technology, DFI LANParty officially announces to launch the first mini-ITX O.C. motherboard, MI P55-T36, in the world. The product of the newest series, MI P55, is mini-ITX form factor. It’s only got size of 17 x 17cm, which is 40% of ATX. Although it is a small motherboard, it is capable of delivering powerful performance. Therefore consumers do not have to sacrifice performance for compact size.

A very exciting motherboard for those who are looking to build a small but still powerful computer system. We still await price and availability of DFI’s new mini-ITX motherboard.


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