Cooling developer Koolance looks to be the first to announce a water block for NVIDIA’s new mid-range card GeForce GTX 460. The card that introduced new mounting holes can now be cooled by water using Koolance VID-NX460.

Koolande has gone for a full-cover water block design and covers GPU, memory circuits and voltage regulators. The hottest components around the card.


The block measures 15.9×14.6×1.6cm and weighs 680 gram. It’s made from copper, but Koolance has nickel-coated the entire block for the traditional metal look.

It utilizes a high-performance microfin (0.5mm) design made of solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating. The cooler targets all primary heat-producing regions of the GTX 460, including the voltage regulators. The top stainless steel cover plate protects an LED illuminated acrylic lid.

The Koolance VID-NX460 water block is available at the online store and costs $109.




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