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The perhaps biggest advantage of netbooks is also its Achilles heal. By being so small, fitting nearly everywhere, it also limits the workspace of the computer. During CEATEC, Kohjinsha revealed a solution to the problem. Maintain the physical size of the netbook, width and length at least, but throw in an extra 10.1″ display for twice the workspace.

When folded out you have two 10.1″ displays side by side sporting 1024×600 or 1366×768 pixel resolution each, which adds up to plenty of extra desktop space.

Even if the extra panel adds some millimeters to the netbook it will still be thinner than 4cm, which isn’t all that bad really considering what you get. The two screens aside, the computer ships with an AMD Athlon MV-40 CPU, 4GB DDR2 memory, 2.5″ harddrive and of course Windows 7.

When this prototype might appear remains to be seen, but we expect more similar concepts on the future.


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