There is just no stopping Kingston. The latest fiscal report covers 2010 where the company reached a sales of 6.5 billion dollar and increased its revenue by 58% year to year, a record note for the memory maker since the start in 1987.

Kingston’s big growth comes from an increase in sales and an overall higher retail price. The company points out that it made the best possible use of the economic recovery in 2010 with good business and a rise in sale prices.

Kingston was claimed to have 45.8% of the DRAM market in November 2010 where it sold DRAM products worth 2.56 billion dollar in just the first half of the year. The company also has a broad selection of flash-based products like memory cards and USB memory sticks. It has also started moving into SSD territory.

Kingston headquarter in Fountain Valley, California

Kingston has both its own operation and several partners that work out of Japan and how the crisis will affect the company remains to be seen. Kingston has announced that it will be affected by the situation and released the following statement.

”Our hearts are with the people whose lives have been disrupted by this terrible tragedy.  Kingston has been asked by many people if our daily business has been disrupted and we can only say that Kingston is still collecting information as the situation changes constantly.  Our concern right now is the safety and well-being of all of our friends, associates and their families.”


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