KillerNIC is something as odd as a high-end network card designed for gaming. The designers themselves are avid and dedicated gamers and sought out to fix one of the biggest annoyances of online gaming: LAG. Since you can’t fix the Internet, they turned their attention to the client side of things. KillerNIC is suppose to reduce LAG by relieving the computer and the operating system. This will not only reduce latency, but also improve the overall performance. That’s theory at least. We’ve summarized 2,400 ping (!) values together with FPS statistics from 40 test sessions in this review. Does it work?

”There is perhaps no other product that is more controversial and generates more heated debates around the ’Net than the Killer NIC. It makes big claims, and the difficulty is that traditional testing methods may not give a full representation of the card’s abilities. As a result, I’ve spent weeks testing and exploring the Killer’s resulting impact on lag, framerates, and responsiveness, running it through the paces, gathering massive amounts of data.”

:: KillerNIC: a statistical analysis


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