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KDE 4.0 has finally been released after so many months of development. The first incarnation of KDE4 (not the same things as KDE 4.0) brings numerous updates and amongst others aims to make Linux a lot more userfriendly. Even though the project is far from completed (developers own words) KDE 4.0 is still ready to be launched. This first version sports most of the updates meant to come with KDE4, but will be updated at least once more before the end of 2008. We’ve already reported on many of the core components and most important updates of KDE4, like Plasma, Solid, Dolphin, and many others, and you can find even more over at

Several distributions have added KDE 4.0 to their experimental builds and can be downloaded and tested. Mandriva and Arklinux are expected to release Live CDs with KDE 4.0 soon, while others already have.

Distributions with KDE 4.0:
:: Debian :: Fedora :: Gentoo :: Kubuntu :: openSUSE ::


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