Interested in knowing about what AMD will do with their AMD processors (Athlon 64 and Opteron) in the future? I was looking around and found this article from Xbitlabs, which takes a look into the future from a variety of angles. I.e.: “How will AMD react to new Intel’s moves? How will the K8 core develop in the future?

If you want to know more about how AMD (and Intel) has chosen to design their processors in the past I can recommend Arstechnica, which has several articles that dig really deep into the structure of the K7, Pentium 4, and other processors before them. If you decide to read them, which you should, start from the beginning, I.e. chronologically speaking, and even though they may have a high learning threshold you will hopefully have a clear and good picture on how, why and for what purpose processors are designed today.
The first time I read them I had to read some sections more than one, two and three times, but today I’m feeling really confident about the structure of the modern processors of today.

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