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If we are to believe the latest products of the rumor mill Apple will enrich its next generation iPhone with improved wireless networking. At AppleInsider they have found traces of support for the 802.11n protocol in a beta distribution of Apple’s iPhone 3.0 firmware. It has also discovered information about a new circuit that will supply the phone with WiFi and Bluetooth, and do it while consuming less power than the current chip. iPod Touch is most likely also a subject of update.

”The new device also focuses on efficient power management, with a special integrated PMU (power management unit) and a shared Bluetooth and WiFi receive signal path, which ’eliminates the need for an external power splitter while maintaining excellent sensitivity for both Bluetooth and WLAN.'”

With 802.11n support with its handhelds Apple will not only enable higher transfer rates, but also better wireless coverage. Apple has not confirmed the information and will never do so either so maybe take this with a pinch of salt.


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