ION Storms AI Programmerare Paul Tozour har svarat på en massa frågor om AI som folk har skickat in. Detta kan ju vara högst intressant att läsa, här följer ett smakprov:

Q:How much further away do you think the industry is from incorporating realistic AI into games instead of using today’s flawed and traditional method of scripting AI?

A:I’m a bit leery of the word “realistic.” With AI, realism isn’t necessarily the point. The overarching priority is to entertain the player by supporting deeper and richer gameplay, and believability is a part of that.

Probably the best answer to your question, though, if I could substitute the word “dynamic” for “realistic,” is my reply to Samuel’s question above.

I think as AI techniques continue to evolve, as development studios increasingly realize that they need to take AI seriously just to survive, and as game designers move away from scripted, linear, puzzle-oriented, Design-by-Telepathy styles of gaming and increasingly migrate toward broader, richer, and more simulation-based gameplay, we’re inevitably going to see vastly deeper, more dynamic, more believable, and more entertaining AI than we’ve ever seen.

I think in the past few years, with the release of games like Black & White, The Sims, SWAT 3, and Age of Empires 2, it’s become very clear that AI has begun to lead gaming into a new era, and the AI we’ve seen in the past is only a whisper of what’s to come.


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