Microsoft has released the complete version of the browser Internet Explorer 9. The software giant says the beta version was downloaded over 40 million times and will with its new functions pick a fight with the best out there, through a better and slimmer interface and GPU acceleration.

Internet Explorer 9 already has more than 2 percent of the browser use with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 and now that the complete version is here Microsoft hopes to reclaim lost market shares from Google and Mozilla.

Internet Explorer 9 comes with several big news and not the least Microsoft has revised the user interface. It promises to put the website in the center instead of the browser and speak of a slim interface.


The browser can use the GPU to render graphics and supports hardware acceleration of graphics, audio and text in HTML5. Adobe Flash Player is of course supported. 

“Better applications, video playback, gaming and general Web page interactivity will define the next-generation web experience. Through combining our award-winning AMD Radeon graphics cards, or AMD Fusion APUs with DirectX 11-capable graphics, with Internet Explorer 9 we’re helping users to unlock the full potential of their PC.” kommenterade John Taylor, chef och ansvarig för marknadsföringen av klientprodukter

Other fresh functionality include a better download manager, automatic listing of frequently visited sites in new tabs, and better performance with the JavaScript engine Chakra that supports multiple cores. As usual Microsoft has also revised the security settings that, among other things, allows users to block ActiveX script. 

Download Internet Explorer 9 (35,2MB), more information on the browser can be found at


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