AnandTech and VR-Zone reoprts that Intel is seriously considering to implement modelnames on their new processors. This not a system with ”this is how many megahertz that this processor is worth” as the PR-system Athlon XP and 64 has, but the system is more like the one ATi and nVidia uses.

According to VR-Zone the system will look like this:
 7xx for the highend-processorers (Pentium 4EE and maybe Centrino)
 5xx for the middlerange-processorers (Pentium 4)
 3xx for the budgetprocessorers (Celeron)

The reason for Intel to introduce this system is that the MHz-race has started to get out of hand. For example Intel sells more mobile Celeron-processors then Centrino because people simply think that a 2.8GHz Celeron is faster than a 1.6GHz Centrino. The truth is that the Centrino-processor is much faster and consumes less power, by easily explained reasons Intel doesn’t like this misinterpretation. A working modelname-system would kill these misunderstandings right away.

The system would workas follows: an 730-processor would be faster than a 530 and forth, after the principle ”the higher the number is the better the CPU is”. Problems might occur if the ”worst” 7xx-procsessor is beaten by the best 5xx processor on the market, but AMD has the same problem with with their Athlon 64 and FX thus Intel won’t have unique problem.


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